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The Stars

Siyu Liang
​'see you'

      Self & Career     



Life experience:

Born in a coastal city, live in a coastal city and study in the coastal city.

I give myself the title called  'seagirl'.

Study experience:

2017-2019 Beijing normal university Zhuhai(Advertising)

2019-2021 RMIT(communication-advertising)

Work experience:

Dec 2020 - Media planning intern

June 2021- AE intern


From now on, I firmly go forward to be a strategist.

I enjoy thinking-collision and brainstorming with my partners. Sometimes when I encounter unusual issues, functions, items and much more in any daily life scene, I always curiously ask,

-Why is it like that?

-How does it achieve and drive?

-How to solve can be better?


To be a qualified strategist...

Perceiving the world

Keep thinking and observing the surroundings and environment


Focus on the logic and rationale narration


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